Review: Sally Hansen Maximum Strength

Growing out my nails has always seemed like an impossible task, as they would chip and flake very easily. It is with the hope of growing out strong nails that I purchased the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength nail product. I purchased this product at Walmart for about 5 dollars, which was a reasonable price when comparing to the other products that were available.

The Sally Hansen Maximum Strength is advertised as being a fortifying treatment that will deliver results in 1 week. You basically need to apply this product every day to bare nails, and it can be worn under nail polish. This is what my bare nails look like now.

I have been using this product for over a week now, and I am happy to report that my nails have gotten much stronger and have pretty much stopped peeling. This allowed me to let them grow out much more than I usually would be able to. However, I do have mixed feelings about this product. It is quite thick, which I imagine is partly why this works well to strengthen nails. Because it is thick and almost gummy, it does not apply easily. It also goes on milky white, which I don't like. It kind of makes my nails look dead, or like my hands have been soaking in water for too long. Here is what my nails look like with the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength treatment.

One thing I wonder about is the application. I have read other reviews, and some of the other bloggers seem to be applying a new coat every day over the old ones. However, on the bottle it clearly says to apply one coat on bare nails. What I have been doing is removing the old coat with nail polish remover, and applying a new one every day. It's kind of annoying, but it does seem to be working well this way.

Overall, I do like this product, but not enough that I wouldn't try something else if I thought it could be better. What products do you use to protect and strengthen nails?


  1. In case you're still looking for some other nail strengthening products: I use OPI's Nail Envy to strengthen my nails and it's really working for me! In fact, it works so well I can grow my nails very long now :) I used the one for dry and brittle nails and am now using one for thin and soft nails. I don"t really use it the way your supposed to though - I just use it as a base coat underneath my manicures so I change it about every three days :)

  2. Hi Robin!

    Thanks so much for the suggestion! If I can get nails like yours I would be so happy : )


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