Review: Clean & Clear persa-gel 5

As I've mentioned previously, I really struggle with acne and blemishes. Unfortunately, I also have very sensitive skin. Salicylic acid, which is the usual medicine contained in acne treatments tends to be too harsh for my skin. If I use a salicylic acid based cream on a zit, the zit would be gone the next day, but I'd be left with a dry patch instead. This dry patch would sometimes last for weeks > - < . 

If you've had a dry patch on your face before, you know how impossible they are to hide. The dry skin is even more accentuated if you make the mistake of using foundation. Because of this, I decided to stay away from salicylic acid treatment creams. I then tried a cream containing sulfur...and let me tell you, it's the worse ever. Your face will sulfur, and it didn't even work for me at all!

Feeling desperate whilst looking for some new acne medication to try, I remembered that Claire, from heyclaire said that she used acne medication with benzoyl peroxide. This is how I found the Clean & Clear persa-gel 5 acne medication.

I was so happy to find out that this helped heal any new blemishes and diminish the ones that I had at the moment. If salicylic acid based creams are currently working for you, you might want to stick to those. My impression is that benzoyl peroxide based creams are much slower at giving results. However, they do not dry out my skin, which is what I wanted to avoid most.

Overall, I really like this acne cream, and would recommend it to anyone who can't use creams that contain salicylic acid.

xx Cynthia


  1. I must try this product! I'm looking for something that will help clear blemishes. Thank you for the review!

    The Sunday Chapter xxx

  2. Hi Angela!

    You really should try it, it's quite inexpensive too which is nice : )


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