Review: Witchcraft mini cures

This is a 3 piece kit that includes cuticle oil serum, a 4-in-1 total care product, and a protein hardener. If you have read my Sally Hansen Maximum Strength review, you'll know that I've always had trouble with my nails being flaky and not growing. Although the Sally Hansen product does work quite well, it definitely is not a perfect product. When I saw this three piece kit on sale for 3.99 at my local Pharmaprix, I just couldn't resist trying something new in the hopes of getting stronger, longer nails. Normally this kit would have cost 12 dollars.

Witchcraft is a Canadian brand, but I had never yet tried any of their products. Now I have only been using these products for a little over a week, and because of a gardening incident, I had to cut my nails to their shortest. However, the results are already quite apparent. My nails have been growing out stronger, and I can see this little kit being a good investment already.

What I have been doing is using the cuticle oil by massaging it into my nails and cuticles. This oil is made of almond oil, and is very fast absorbing. Then, I apply a thin coat of the protein hardener. This product goes on clear, and is very fast drying. I finish it off with a thin coat of the 4-in-1 total care product. This product can be used as both a base coat, and a top coat! This information can all be found on the Witchcraft website.

You get a good size sample of three products
Formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene free (linked to cancer & other health problems)
Cuticle oil is fast absorbing
Protein hardener and 4-in-1 total care are both fast drying and dry clear

There is almost no information on the box itself, I had to look up what the 4-in-1 total care product did on the Witchcraft website

I like how this small kit includes three products that work well together, and that I might not have otherwise tried were they not included. These products are available in full size, so if you really like them you can purchase them once you run out. However, I have a feeling that even though the bottles are pretty small, they will last a long time.

xx Cynthia


  1. My nails are awful!!!! They are soooo flaky, I hate them sooo much! I really want to try this out but we don't have that brand in England, maybe I'll look at something similar :)

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