Review: Annabelle Lipsies in Orange

I know that I am SUPER late to the party with this one, and seeing as this is a limited edition product, it will probably be incredibly difficult to find. However, I did find it a few weeks ago on sale for 2$ at my local drugstore (Familiprix), which is a total steal compared to the original price of 4.79$. If you live in a smaller town like I do, you might also be able to find this in the bargain bin! I also wanted to post a review because as of late I haven't seen any posts on the orange lipsies, which is the one that I got. There are 8 flavors in total.

This lip balm is surprisingly pigmented, and applies evenly in just one swipe. It keep lips very moisturized and slick. If you do happen to eat or drink something, you will have to reapply because it come off really easy. However, it does seem to stain just a tad, so if it does come off it's not such a big deal because some of the colour remains. I found this out after swatching on my arm. Even after washing my arm with soap and water, I still have an orange line >_<.

Here is what the lip balm looks like on my arm, below is a swatch on my lips!

First a picture of my bare lips, yup I know my lips are very weirdly shaped and puffy >.<.

Here is what it looks like on my lips. In reality, it's a lot more orange than on these pictures, but somehow my camera has trouble capturing that!

Quite inexpensive (2$ on sale for 3.5g of product)
Clever packaging (twist bottom)
Very good pigmentation for a balm
Smells really nice! (like orange candy or pop)

The orange colour makes my teeth look more yellow than they actually are.

If you like lip products, you'll probably want to try Annabelle Lipsies in at least one colour (there are 8 to choose from). They are really fun and smell amazing, I definitely recommend these!

xx Cynthia


  1. the orange shade looks very natural on you! thanks for the review.


  2. The color looks pretty and I like the crayon-like packaging ;)
    I always fell for cute packaging, LOL...

    Come by my blog too if you have time ;)


    1. Hi Yuri!

      Sure thing! Thanks for reading :)


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