On My Nails: China Glaze's Sunday Funday

This is a nail colour that I normally wouldn't have purchased, but it was in the bargain bin for 1$, so obviously I had to have it! Sunday Funday is a very bright blue, that reminds me of summer days by the pool. This is a very opaque nail polish, so two coats is really all you need. I only own two China Glaze polishes, but they seem to chip very easily? I don't know if I'm just unlucky, or if all China Glaze polishes are like this. So I recommend using a top coat with this one. In any case, it's not a colour that I would want to keep on my nails for longer than a few days anyway, so that doesn't bother me too much.

Let me know what you think about this colour! Do you also have problems with premature chipping with China Glaze polishes? I want to know this before buying more from this brand.

Also, thank you so much to my new followers on Bloglovin, I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy reading my blog!

xx Cynthia


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