Review: Born Pretty Store Water Decals

I ordered these water decals from Born Pretty Store a few weeks ago after seeing Robin post a review on her blog. If you're curious to see a full tutorial with pictures on how to use nail water decals, check out her blog post about them here.

I chose two designs, which you can find here on the Born Pretty Store website. I chose the designs BLE1745, and BLE1744, which you can see pictured below. I used the BLE1744 design, which are the beautiful orchids on the left.

I had never used water decals, only nail stickers many years ago, and they weren't that good. However, from the reviews I read these would be very easy to use and give an excellent result. I wasn't disappointed at all. They look great, and were so easy to use! Each sheet comes with 20 decals, so if you use one for each finger you get two manis out of one sheet! I used only four stickers this time.

I started off with my Witchcraft base coat, followed by two coats of Deborah Lippman's New Flesh. This polish is from the True Blood collection, and it's become my favourite nude. It just goes really well with my skin tone, I think! I then cut out the four water decals I wanted to use, and applied to my index and ring finger on both hands. I topped it off with my Witchcraft top coat. Here is the result!

I recently cut my nails to their shortest, and I think these water decals work great for someone who has shorter nails! 

Super duper cheap (0.99$ per sheet, and shipping is free! WHAT??)
Very easy to use, all instructions are on the back of the packaging
Last a long time (I've had these on my nails for 4 days now, and they look like I just put them on today)

I honestly can't think of any, except you'll become addicted and want to buy every design Born Pretty Store has for sale =_=

If you've never used water decals, I really recommend trying them. These are perfect for those of us who wish they could do nail art, but aren't that talented or who don't have the time required. These were super fast to apply, not much longer than I usually take to paint my nails normally. This was my first time buying from Born Pretty Store, and I was super satisfied. I will definitely purchase from them again.

What do you think about these water decals? Do you like the patterns I chose?

xx Cynthia


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