Nail Polish Collection

Current polish count: 76

Please let me know if you would like to see swatches of any of the polishes below. Some already have links in the polish name leading to swatch posts.

Anna Sui

Nail Art Color N (083)
Description: Fine gold and holographic glitters suspended in a clear rose scented base
Finish: Glitter

Nail Color N (208)
Description: Rose scented iridescent shimmery lavender
Finish: Shimmer


Description: Opaque emerald green
Finish: Creme

China Glaze

Watermelon Rind (718)
Description: Emerald green shimmer
Finish: Shimmer

Lemon Fizz (871)
Description: Pastel yellow
Finish: Creme

Description: Bright sky blue
Finish: Creme

Sun Upon My Skin (1311)
Description: Bright yellow
Finish: Creme

Don’t Let The Dead Bite (1335)
Description: Metallic red flakes suspended in a fleshy pink coloured creme base
Finish: Flakey

Pine-ing For Glitter (1349)
Description: Metallic green glitters suspended in a clear base
Finish: Glitter

History Of The World (1356)
Description: Deep purple with tones of grey and blue
Finish: Creme

Come Rain Or Shine (1456)
Description: Cobalt blue with a faint pink shimmer
Finish: Shimmer


PP010 - holiday blues
Description: Vibrant sky blue
Finish: Creme

Knickerbockerglory 012
Description: Deep hot pink
Finish: Creme

PP016 - mistress
Description: Classic red
Finish: Creme

PP091 - ivory queen
Description: Sheer pink with golden beige shimmer
Finish: Sheer shimmer

PP102 - dolls house
Description: Sheer pink with pink and and gold shimmer
Finish: Sheer shimmer

PP119 - ferris wheel
Description: Pale sky blue
Finish: Creme

PP147 - chinchilla
Description: Pale grey with tones of purple
Finish: Creme

PP147 - cha cha cha
Description: Vibrant tangerine
Finish: Creme

PP150 - spinning teacup
Description: Lilac with tones of blue
Finish: Creme


Bon bon (141)
Description: Bubblegum pink
Finish: Creme

Giv’em the greenlight (287)
Description: Deep pine green
Finish: Creme

Deborah Lippmann

Bad Blood
Description: Black cherry jelly
Finish: Sheer

New Flesh
Description: Warm nude jelly
Finish: Sheer

Strange Love
Description: Deep magenta with fine glitter
Finish: Creamy Shimmer


Space Queen (04)
Description: Holographic glitters suspended in a peach jelly base
Finish: Glitter

Wild White Ways (33)
Description: Crisp white
Finish: Creme

On air! (44)
Description: Brassy bronze micro glitter
Finish: Glitter

Black is back (46)
Description: True black
Finish: Creme

Va-va-voom (47)
Description: Coral pink
Finish: Matte cream

Amazed by you (52)
Description: Vibrant eggplant purple
Finish: Cream

Jeans on! (80)
Description: Muted blue with tones of grey
Finish: Cream

Sweet as candy (104)
Description: Sheer soft pink
Finish: Sheer

That's What I Mint (146)
Description: An opaque pastel mint colour
Finish: Creme

Miss universe (147)
Description: Metallic blue glitters suspended in a sheer black base
Finish: Glitter

03 i’m lost in you (I <3 Trends)
Description: Beige nude
Finish: Cream

10 nude sweet nude (I <3 Trends)
Description: Bronze metallic nude
Finish: Metallic

34 turn up the volume! (I <3 Trends)
Description: Fushia pink
Finish: Metallic

48 so in love (I <3 Trends)
Description: Soft pink nude
Finish: Semi-matte

52 pretty little thing (I <3 Trends)
Description: Muted dusty rose
Finish: Semi-matte

01 snow alert! (Mountain calling)
Description: White glitters of various sizes and shapes suspended in a clear base
Finish: Glitter

Description: Ivory nude pearl
Finish: Pearl

02 across the universe (Out of space stories)
Description: Lilac and green duo-chrome
Finish: Duo-chrome pearl

03 space glam (Out of space stories)
Description: Fushia with golden shimmer
Finish: Shimmer

06 under water love (Aquatix)
Description: Deep blue with blue and green duo-chrome shimmer
Finish: Sand texture


Take Me To Thread (70)
Description: Taupe mauve
Finish: Creme

Mademoiselle (112)
Description: Very light pink
Finish: Creme

Lilacism (304)
Description: Opaque pastel lilac
Finish: Creme

Angora Cardi (336)
Description: Deep dusty purple rose colour
Finish: Creme

Description: A dusty colour between pink and red
Finish: Creme

Good as gold (941)
Description: Sandy gold metallic shimmer
Finish: Metallic

Stroke of Brilliance (953)
Description: Metallic purple hexagon and circular glitters suspended in a clear base
Finish: Glitter top coat


Lambada (60)
Description: Classic bright red
Finish: Creme

Golden Dragon (564)
Description: Blueish green with golden shimmer
Finish: Shimmer

Metallic Green (567)
Description: Pearly green
Finish: Metallic

Hard Candy

Zombie (369)
Description:  Rich burgundy plum with bronze brown shimmer
Finish: Shimmer

Scam (371)
Description: Deep purple with bright blue shimmer
Finish: Shimmer

Sky (375)
Description: Pale sky blue with subtle blue shimmer
Finish: Eggshell

Piece of Papaya (632)
Description: Coral red and golden shimmer
Finish: Shimmer

Celebrate Sequins (654)
Description: Silver holographic glitters of various sizes and shapes suspended in a clear base
Finish: Glitter

Bridal Party (728)
Description: Champagne pink glitters of various sizes and shapes suspended in a clear base
Finish: Glitter

Bronze Champion (989)
Description: Golden bronze shimmers with a hint of red
Finish: Shimmer

Joe Fresh

Orange Sorbet (V2250)
Description: Creamy pastel orange
Finish: Creme

Mink (V3024)
Description: Muted taupe grey
Finish: Creme

Tomato (V3086)
Description: Vivid red
Finish: Creme

Topaz (V3224)
Description: Fine gold and silver glitters
Finish: Glitter

Twinkle (V3345)
Description: Iridescent flakes suspended in a cloudy base
Finish: Glitter

Kaleidoscope (V4104)
Description: Metallic green to pink duo-chrome flakes suspended in a blackish grape jelly
Finish: Metallic

L.A. Colors

Hot Blooded
Description: Basic deep red color
Finish: Creme

Magnetic Force
Description: Tangerine neon with fine glitter
Finish: Creamy Shimmer

Mega Watt
Description: Very light nude with fine glitter
Finish: Creamy Shimmer


Penthouse Pink
Description: Opaque cotton candy pink
Finish: Creme


Description: Opaque deep denim blue
Finish: Creme

Maybelline New York

Embellished Blues
Description: Blue and silver glitter on blue
Finish: Hexagon glitter and regular glitter

Description: Opaque pinkish coral
Finish: Creme


Mauving Forward (16)
Description: Mauve with grape undertones
Finish: Creme

Blue Print (26)
Description: Bright opaque cobalt blue
Finish: Creme

Pink Beige (31)
Description: Dusty nude rose
Finish: Creme

Modern Rouge (41)
Description: Deep opaque red
Finish: Creme

Gilded Rocks (50)
Description: Champagne pink hexagon glitters suspended in a fine gold glitter base
Finish: Glitter


Ken’s Darling (327)
Description: Baby pink with faint shimmer
Finish: Creme shimmer


Fury (3617)
Description: Deep royal purple
Finish: Creme


American Beauty
Description: Shimmery apple red
Finish: Creamy Shimmer

Nicole by OPI

Description: Greyish lilac pastel
Finish: Creme

Count on Me
Description: Iridescent lilac
Finish: Shimmer

Have a Heart
Description: Clear with red hearts and glitter
Finish: Shape glitter and regular glitter

Heavenly Angel                  
Description: Clear with iridescent shredded glitter
Finish: Clear with glitter

Kim-Pletely in Love
Description: Light pink
Finish: Shimmer

My Cherry Amour
Description: Cherry red with glitter
Finish: Textured glitter

Pretty in Plum
Description: Shimmery red toned purple
Finish: Creamy Shimmer

Spring Break
Description: Bright Barbie pink
Finish: Creme

Pure ICE

Description: Opaque light blue
Finish: Creme

Description: Opaque white
Finish: Creme


Steel Grey
Description: Taupe grey
Finish: Creme

Black Satin
Description: Black
Finish: Creme

Sally Hansen

Caribbean Coral
Description: Creamy coral with very fine shimmer
Finish: Creamy Shimmer

Plum Power
Description: Shimmery plum
Finish: Creamy Shimmer

Blazing Blue
Description: Dark blue with fine iridescent glitter
Finish: Creamy Shimmer

Sephora by OPI

It’s Bouquet With Me (SE 288)
Description: Fine silver and pink glitters suspended in a pink jelly base
Finish: Glitter

Spark-tacular! (SE 455)
Description: Multi-coloured glitters of various sizes and shapes suspended in a clear base
Finish: Glitter

Meet Me At The Disco (SE 481)
Description: Fine silver holographic glitter suspended in a clear base
Finish: Glitter

Sinful Colors

Description: Pastel peachy orange

Finish: Creme